Quota International of Fairbanks is dedicated to providing a strong network of community service activities.  Quota members develop fellowship and friendship with each other while sharing their unique talents to serve the community.  Quota members embrace the "Golden Rule" to provide a focus for international service and work to improve the community in three specific service areas:

1.  Speech and Hearing          2.  Disadvantaged women and children         3.  Scholarship


What can the Quota Club experience mean to you? Join our club and 

  • discover how we find balance in our busy lives by helping others
  • enjoy friendship and fellowship with other professionals 
  • share in the good time we have at club meetings and events

Quota International of Fairbanks

PO Box 74850

Fairbanks AK 99707



Quotarians at the 59th Annual CHAM Fashional Masquerade
Quotarians at the 59th Annual CHAM Fashional Masquerade