All About Quota

Quota International of Fairbanks was chartered in 1953.  For the past 65 years, the Fairbanks organization has continued to support this community providing services and financial assistance to various organizations and individuals.


With a motto "we share", Quotarians are known for their service to the community,  disadvantaged women & children, and deaf, hard-of-hearing, and speech impaired individuals.  


Quota members share the values of serving and encouraging others, developing friendships, and promoting international understanding.  


Our club meets monthly for a dinner meeting at the Westmark Fairbanks facility and our meetings are a blend of business, social and service. 


In 1959 Quota Club of Fairbanks (as it was then known) created a fall gala, the Champagne Fashion-al,  that traditionally marked the beginning of the Christmas celebrations.  Cham is the oldest of the Fairbanks fund-raising events and we have an unbroken record of 59 annual events.  Even having the Cham the year of the "Flood" when ladies found the backs of their gowns still wet from the damp chair bottoms.  While we once made all the edibles for the Cham, but now occupy ourselves with organizing and directing the show and adjacent auction.


Through the success of the Cham, Quota International of Fairbanks has donated over $400,000 to the Fairbanks community.

2019 Board Members

President                    Bernie Hall / Diane Borgeson

 Vice-President         Jo Anne Bullard

 Secretary                   Sonja Thomas

 Treasurer                   Barb Hompesch

 Parliamentarian      Wendy Harter

 Board                           Krista Stamper

                                 Leisa Kelsey

                                      Liz Ross

                                     Teresa Quakenbush

If you are interested in attending a meeting, please join us at the Westmark the first Tuesday of the month.


What does Quota Club do?

Our Quota club and Quota clubs around the world are involved in a wide range of service projects with special emphasis in the areas of hearing and speech and community and world services. 

  • Hearing and Speech
  • Community Projects
  • Support International Projects
  • Scholarships

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