Quota's Cham Fashional

The Champagne Fashion and All event now referred to as "The Cham" was first held in 1960 and remains Quota International of Fairbanks' single major fundraiser.  Over the years the event has changed to reflect our membership and to entertain our supporters.  But just as was done in 1960, Quotarians provide complimentary champagne to our guests at the beginning of the evening and the show continues to reflect Quota's credibility and character.


Quota has a long history in presenting the premiere fashion show in Fairbanks.  Each Cham will ensure that Quota's reputation is maintained during this major fund raising event.


This year our Cham is a musical parody of "Stars Wars" with all your favorite characters from the Force and the Dark Side fighting for your attention.  Written and directed by Sandy Wilson, the show will present actors, models and dancers all performing for your enjoyment.


Taste buds will be tempted by the wonderful creations of Raven's Landing chef and kitchen who will provide attendees with a four-course dinner insured to please every diner.  Wines and beers will be available for purchase at the conveniently located bar.


We will also again have both 'cryout' and silent auctions.  This year we will have a number of Star Wars (very slightly used) costumes for sale - just in time for your Halloween outings.  Modeled by our fine actors those visiting our sales room will be intimidated by Darth Vader and charmed by our small Ewoks.  So be sure to bring your checkbook and charge card.


Tickets for the Cham will go on sale August 1 at Denali State Banks and Wilson & Wilson, CPAs. 


We will be auditioning actors and models approximately the middle of September and if you are interested please contact Sandy Wilson by email at sandyw@wwcpa.com.  


For more information, please call Sandy Wilson at 907-456-8115.