Stella Herning being Initiated
Stella Herning being Initiated

Historians Committee:


PURPOSE: To recruit and retain qualified club members and further the development and growth of the membership through health and education of its members.  To administer and chronicle historical activities and events of Quota International of Fairbanks.




  1. Maintain the historical files of Quota International of Fairbanks, which are important for reference and storage.
  2. Arrange programs to promote camaraderie and education amoung members.  Coordinate programs with other activities of the Club so not to overtax members.
  3. Administer the process for selection of the Quotarian of the Year including annoucing process at June meeting.  Written Nominations will be accepted at the September meeting.  Nominations by proxy or electronically may be sent to the Historian's Chair prior to the September meeting.  Results remain confidential until presentation at the Cham.  Coordinate presentation ceremony with Cham Chair and Club President.  Presentation will be made by the President and will include a long-stem red rose, a Quota "Q" and a plaque noting the honor.
  4. Arrange for the installation banquet for the new Board of Directors and Officers.
  5. Provide President your annual report at May's meeting and include all important data, accomplishments, and sample forms.  Quotarian of the Year guidelines, budget information and any recommendations for next year's chair.  A copy will be added to the committee notebook.
  6. File with the Treasurer a copy of the accepted applications for billing purposes.
  7. Provide new membership forms to existing members for recruitment.
  8. Plan a minimum of two recruitment socials and follow up on all prospective new members.
  9. Review and submit all new membership applications to the Board of Directors and organize and coordinate initiations with the Vice President.
  10. Research the feasibility and budgetary commitment for a yearly Quota calendar.


CLASSIFICATION: Standing: Administrative


CHAIR: Rita Valentine


COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Rita Valentine (Chair), Wendy Harter, Sandy Wilson, Cindy Schilling, Bernie Hall, Barbara Hompesch, Joyce Spencer.





Past Quotarian of the Year Recipients


1985-   Ella May Carson

1986-   Roberta Wallace

1987-   Rhonda Curwen

1988-   Ricki Chagnon 

1989-   Mary Cotter

1990-   Nanci Jones

1991-   Jackie Sewell

1992-   Cindy Shilling

1993-   Wendy Harter

1994-   Gay Alexander

1995-   Becki (Gray) Phipps

1996-   Melissa Bidwell/ Sandy Wilson

1997-   Marguerita Gilbertson

1998-   Rita Valentine

1999-   Tammy Colledge

2000-   Mary Weymiller

2001-   Leslie Gustafson

2002-   Elizabeth Schok

2003-   Marcia Miranda

2004-   LIsa Simon

2005-   Amy Richards

2006-   Patty Weaver 

2007-   Bernie Hall

2008-   Kay Kingkade

2009-   Cyndia Miller

2010-   Olga Hesketh

2011-   Wendy Harter

2012-   Denise Carter



2015-Sandy Wilson