Service Committee:


PURPOSE: To provide service both locally and internationally with special projects not related to Speech and Hearing or Disadvantaged Women and Children.



  1. Review all proposals for Community Service.  Seek an International project to support the "Club to Club Project."  Analyze and requests submitted to Quota International of Fairbanks Trust to determine if they qualify under 501c(3) prior to submitting the proposal to the Board and General Membership for approval.
  2. Respond to all proposals within thirty days by, at minimum, acknowledging receipt of proposal.
  3. Try to involve the General Membership in service projects.
  4. Coordinate and host the monthly Pioneers' Birthday Party the second Tuesday of every month (except June, July, and August).  Contact Pioneer Home's Administration for a list of birthdays and schedule Quota members to participate.
  5. Look for additional community service projects to perform such Christmas donation to the Pioneers Home, Denali Center or similar facility; holiday food baskets for the needy, etc.
  6. The Service project to clean our mile of highway should be done twice a year, generally in May and again in September.
  7. Proposals must be approved by April general membership meeting and donations made by May 15th. (Fiscal year ends April 30).
  8. Provide President your annual report at the May meeting.  Include important data, accounting, and any recommendations for next year's chair.  A copy will be added to the committee notebook.  The notebook should be updated annually.


CLASSIFICATIONS: Standing: Service






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