Speech and Hearing Committee:


PURPOSE: To increase community awarness of the needs of the speech and hearing impaired, the work that Quota performs in the area, to distribute grants and perform service projects relating to speech and hearing.



  1. Seek out and review all request for donations relating to Speech and Hearing.  Analyze and submit to Quota International of Fairbanks Trust for qualifying 501 c3 determinination prior to submitting to the Board and General Membership for approval using Request for Funding Evaluation and Selection Form.  The General Membership has final voting approval on Speech and Hearing Contributions over $200.
  2. Respond to all received proposals withink 30 days by acknowledging receipt.
  3. Educate the community about the Speech and Hearing needs and prevention.
  4. Coordinate Better Speech and Hearing Month (May) and obtain proclamations from the Governor and mayors. (Other past activities have included bringing a deaf speaker to the community to present at schools, Chamber, etc.)
  5. May choose a poster child and distribute posters and flyers throughout the community.
  6. All proposals must be approved by April general membership meeting and donations made prior to May 15. (Fiscal year ends April 30).
  7. Coordinate Quota's participation in local Health Fairs.
  8. Advertise all events and contributions. (Example- put a letter or picture in the applause section or community snapshot, its free).
  9. Provide President annual report at the May meeting.  Include important data, sample forms, accounting, and any recommendations for next year's chair.  A copy will be added to the committee notebook.


CLASSIFICATION: Standing: Service


CHAIR: Brittany Mathisen


COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Jessica Woller, Mary Angel





Health Fair
Health Fair