Ways and Means Committee:


PURPOSE: To raise the revenue needed to cover the Club's administrative expenses.  This insures funds raised for our service projects are not used for administrative costs.



  1. Plan, coordinate, manage and execute Ways and Means projects.
  2. Coordinate with Budget and Finance Committee to project administrative income needed.
  3. Keep an accurate inventory of Quota sales items (t-shirts, pins, etc.) and their cost (Vice President is responsible for property location).
  4. Have Quota Sales Items available to purchase at club meetings and other functions.
  5. Coordinate with the President on Sale's Tables for the club during the Quota International Convention (July), 14th District Conference and the West Area Meeting including table application, set up of sales schedule, inventory delivery to the sales site, etc.
  6. Responsible for Christmas bazaar kitchen, sales table, raffle winners are accounted for and the Bazaar report is complete.
  7. Provide revenue to cover administrative expenses such as convention/ conference expenses, President's fund and miscellaneous administration expenses.
  8. Provide President your annual report at the May meeting.  Include important data, inventory and storage information, final administrative budget and any recommendations for next year's chair.  A copy will be added to this committee notebook.


CLASSIFICATION: Standing: Administrative




COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Sandy Wilson, Sonja Thomas




NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday February 27, 2013 5PM at Wilson and Wilson, CPA's